#Pinyourthanks is 100% powered by volunteers

Give a pin and say a heartfelt thanks

Every celebrity designed pin you give to a friend, keyworker, neighbour or volunteer supports the NHS Charities Together and Volunteering Matters.

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  • Ringo Starr
    Ringo Starr pin badge with heart, peace and love symbol photographed on an blue background
  • Evie - Kids Competition Winner
    Evie pin badge with heart orange background
  • Joe Lycett
    3D render of Joe Lycett Pin Badge
  • Emeli Sandé
    Emeli Sandé designed rainbow pin badge for Pin Your Thanks.
  • Ian Berry
    3D Render of Ian Berry pin badge.
  • The Original - Wooden Special Edition
  • The Original 'People's Medal'
    3D render of #PinYouThanks original 'People's Medal' pin badge.
  • The Original - Limited Edition (18K Gold Plated)
    3D render of new 18 karat gold plated pin badge with arms and hands forming heart shape and heartfelt thanks letting
  • The Big Community Sew Pin
    Pin Your Thanks pin badge showing pink badge with red heart, needle thread and stitching with the worlds Heartfelt Thanks around the edge
  • Anoushka Shankar
    Enamel pin designed by Anoushka Shankar
  • Joe Lycett Wooden Pin
  • Dame Sarah Storey DBE
    Enamel pin designed by Dame Sarah Storey
  • Keira Knightley
    3D render of Keira Knightley Bird Rescue Pin Badge
  • Mackenzie Thorpe
  • David James
    Enamel pin designed by David James

Give or donate a pin

Say a heartfelt thanks to those who’ve helped during the COVID-19 pandemic with beautifully designed pins from some of the UK’s national treasures. Send to a friend, a keyworker, a neighbour... Your pin is sent with your own personal heartfelt message. You can also donate a pin and we’ll make sure it’s given to an incredibly worthy individual. All Pin Your Thanks profits donated to the NHS Charities Together - COVID-19 Urgent Appeal and Volunteering Matters COVID-19 Response Appeal.

Official Supporters

It gives me enormous pleasure to add my name to the growing list of those who wholeheartedly support the PIN YOUR THANKS initiative.


It will be a discreet but universally recognisable sign of our thanks. A badge gives a lasting and visible 'Thank You'.


I am delighted to support this fundraising initiative. Please do all you can to make #PinYourThanks happen.


Give thanks to give help

Every penny spare from the Pin Your Thanks pins you buy are donated directly to  NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal, which has so far raised over £100,000,000, and to the Volunteering Matters COVID-19 Response Appeal. You get to give thanks AND give to these great causes. Find out how we share funds between them in our FAQs