Our Promise to Each Other

We are all volunteers collaborating together to achieve the #PinYourThanks aims (see below). Let’s all agree to respect and fulfil the following promises so that every volunteer has the best experience possible.

  • We all welcome and respect the time and effort every volunteer puts in to help. We understand we are coming together in an evolving situation, so we all promise to inform and communicate changing availabilities with as much notice as possible so our fellow volunteers can pick up where we left off, if and when we need time out, or want to leave the project.
  • We promise not to behave in a manner that could be offensive to any other volunteer (or anyone else). We treat everyone internally and externally with courtesy and respect.
  • We will never just assume “someone else will do that”. We will all plan, communicate and ensure tasks are fairly distributed amongst us.
  • When you come onboard and throughout your time volunteering with PYT, we promise to support each other. There’s a Volunteer Champion who’s there with you every step of the way, plus a friendly bunch of Coordinators and Project Managers to guide you on your volunteering journey.  Every day and every volunteer’s circumstances are different right now, so together we promise to all support each other.
  • Care and quality should be at the heart of everything we do. The very ethos of PTY is saying Thank You so we strive together to keep those standards and promise to embrace those values with a positive approach to teamwork. 
  • Everyone is responsible for their own time and roles with PYT, so with respect to fellow volunteers, always let us know if you can’t fulfil any task you’ve taken on, or you want further support. Cooperation and flexibility are always encouraged – just shout!
  • When an initiative is confidential, we keep it that way. We promise we can get excited about it together as we plan and launch (and we promise, there are always exciting things in the pipeline).  Then…we promise to all shout about it as much as possible and show our support when a project is announced!
  • FINALLY – We are all volunteers. This is a volunteer It's an opportunity to say thanks to remarkable individuals, so before we go any further we want to thank all volunteers on board with us, those considering coming on board with us, and those who have already given their time, ideas and support!


What We Stand For

  1. Ensure as many people as possible are thanked for their contributions and support for those we were in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Raise much-needed funds for our charity partners.
  3. Encourage volunteering and community support and assistance between friends, neighbours and locals, and raise awareness of the benefits that helping, supporting and volunteering delivers in building communities, improving lives and benefiting mental health wellbeing.