Kids Competition!

Teachers Info

Our mission is to help the nation say thank you to the unsung heroes who have helped us navigate the last few extraordinary months - people just like you. So before we go any further massive *thank you* from all of us at #PinYourThanks for all that you have done from looking after key worker children, to supporting parents with homeschooling, and now re-opening to enable children to begin to return to school.

The competition

We’re inviting children and young people aged 4-11 years across the nation to design a pin badge to help us all say thank you. The design should be inspired by someone who has helped the child or their family over the last few months.

We’ve also done our best to ensure that all children can take part, irrespective of their current school circumstances, therefore you can:

  • Email the information over to parents and encourage them to get their child(ren) to enter from home.
  • Invite children to create their design during a lesson at school.

Once the designs are created, you can upload them to our website, email them to us on behalf of the children or ask parents to submit from home.

Please note:

  • The competition closes at 6pm on 12th July 2020. Entries received after that won’t be accepted.

  • One entry per child

The prize

The competition will be judged by a team of our founders, designers, education professionals and even maybe a celebrity. Full judging criteria is available here. The winner will become an official badge designer! The winning drawing will be turned into a real pin badge which will go on sale alongside our other beautiful badges helping us to raise money for our wonderful charities.

The winner will also:

  • Get the chance to send their winning badge to the person who inspired the design
  • Receive a copy of the badge to keep for themselves, along with a full set of our other badges

Once the competition is closed, we might also share some of the fantastic entries and stories on our website and social media pages for everyone to share and celebrate. If we do, we’ll only caption them with the child’s first name and age, we won’t include any other identifying information such as their school or surname.

Letting parents know about the competition:

If you want to encourage parents to get their children to enter from home, here’s some suggested wording to include in an email. This is just to get you started, feel free to edit it as you wish.

We know that lots of our families would like to say thank you to others who have helped over the last few months. From the postman who delivered cards that cheered us up, to a neighbour who has done some shopping to a doctor or nurse, a friend who called for a chat etc… PinYourThanks are inviting children across the nation to enter a competition to design a pin badge to say thank you to someone who has helped them (or their wider family) over the last few months. The winning entry will be turned into a real pin badge and sold, alongside other badges designed by national treasures including Ringo Starr and Joe Lycett. Every pin badge sold raises money for NHS Charities Together and Volunteering Matters. We think the competition presents a fantastic opportunity for children to reflect on the last few months and express their gratitude to the people who have helped them and their family during this difficult time.

If your child would like to enter the competition simply click here to find out more.

Entering the competition in the classroom:

If you want to invite children who are currently attending school to enter as part of a classroom activity, all you need to do is:

1. Download the design template here
2. Take a photo of each entry (or scan it in if you prefer) and email to us at You can also submit entries via our online form.

Make sure you include the following information in your email:
a. Full name and address of your school
b. Contact name
c. This is where you need to ask for a mobile number and explain that the winners will be selected over the summer holidays if you are sticking to that time frame.

There’s a full list of rules and our full T’s and C’s here.