Kids Competition!

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We know that it’s been a very funny few months and you might have found everything a bit weird at times (we know we have). We’ve been kept going by all of those heroes out there who have helped people and some of the stories we’ve heard are incredible. We’d like you to design a badge for us to help us say thanks. It should be about someone that has helped you and that you’d like to say a huge thanks to!

Who can enter?

If you’re aged between 4 and (up to and including) 11 and live in the UK then you can submit one design! Please make sure that it is you who draws the design rather than Mummy, Daddy or another grownup, they’re far too old to draw anything fun! You can only enter once, so if you do more than one design make sure you enter your best one!

What will you win?

The competition will be judged by a team of our founders, designers, education professionals and maybe even a celebrity! Full judging criteria is available here.

The winner will become an official badge designer!!! The winning drawing will be turned into a real pin badge and other people will be able to buy it, alongside our other beautiful badges, designed by national treasures including Joe Lycett and Ringo Starr.

The winner will also:

  • Get the chance to send their winning badge to the person who inspired the design.
  • Receive a special copy of their badge. To keep for themselves alongside the other standard designs.
  • The opportunity to send their design to the person who inspired their badge.

Once the competition is closed we might also share some of the fantastic entries and stories on our website and social media pages for everyone to share and celebrate. We’ll only ever use your first name and age, we’ll never include any other identifying information so we can make sure we keep you safe.

The competition closes at 6pm on 12th July 2020. If you enter after that, sadly we won’t be able to accept your design.

Finally the boring bit…like all competitions, there are a few rules which you can find in full along with our terms and conditions here. Please also make sure that your grownup has read them before entering.

How to enter!

You can find all of the information you need to design the badge in our fantabulous downloadable template here.

All of our entries must be done online, this is because our fabulous post people are working super hard anyway at the moment and we don’t want to add to their load. We also want to make sure we get your entry as soon as possible! To make it as simple as possible for your wonderful grownups there are two ways to do this!

If you don’t have access to a printer, you can copy the template onto a blank sheet of paper at home.

Via the website:
Just ask your grownup to scan or take a photo of your design (on page 1 template) and upload it to our online form. When you’ve done this please ask them to complete all of the details on the form

By email:
Email your entry to Make sure that you include:
A picture of your design template (your grown up can take this on their smartphone)
Your grown ups full name and address

The rules (boring,sorry)

The competition is open between 22nd June 2020 and 12th July 2020.
We must receive entries for the competition by 12th July 2020.
When you take a photo of your artwork to send to us, please make sure you use natural lighting. Dark or unnatural light can result in distorted image colour/ appearance and if we can’t see your picture clearly we can’t accept it.
We aim to inform all winners within 21 days of the closing date.
All entrants must be aged between 4 and 11 and should ask permission from a parent or guardian before entering.
Though #PinYourThanks will aim to keep the winning badge as close to the original design as possible, it may be necessary to make some edits due to production limitations. By submitting your entry to #PinYourThanks you are agreeing to these changes in full.
By submitting your entry to #PinYourThanks you are agreeing for your story and design to be used on our social media sites.
Please see our terms and conditions for full details.