Kids Competition!

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Bethany - 5yrs

I am thankful for my Mum and Dad.

Carlos - 5yrs

“Thank you everyone” Everyone were
brave these days deserves a big
thank you.

Emma - 5yrs

My badge represents a heart for love, a shield for friendship and togetherness and lots of bows who I have missed so much.

Marnie - 5yrs

My brother cheered me up by blowing a raspberry on my mummy’s tummy. The heart makes me happy.

Vismaya - 5yrs

Vismaya would like to thank the whole world for everything she got because she thinks everyone was a part of all the help she got including family, teachers, friends and postman who delivered her toys.

Sarina - 6yrs

My badge is dedicated to Ms Hambrier. Ms Hambrier is my teacher in Year 1 and she is the best teacher in the world. She has made homeschooling so much fun, and I look forward to my weekly online reading lessons with her. I have missed her a lot and my sunflower drawing reminds me of her, as she is
always happy and funny. Sunflowers are happy smiling flowers and the blue sky reminds me of summer time and more happiness. Ms Hambrier makes me laugh and smile and I can’t wait to give her a big hug when it is allowed again.

Sophia - 6yrs

My granny has been in and out of
hospital the past year and the nurses at the hospital have been fantastic in looking after her. I’d like to say thank you to them all.

Summer - 6yrs

This badge is for my mummy because she helps me do almost everything and give me big hugs and the earth. This is for the saying ‘This is the best mum ever.’

Mikolaj - 7yrs

I made this badge because all people in the world fighting with coronavirus. I just want to say thanks to everybody!

Oscar - 7yrs

I am dedicating my badge to my three cats Nygma, Ronnie and Reggie. Ever since I have been off school and the cats have played with me. We only got Ronnie and Reggie in March as rescue pets.

Zac - 8yrs

Zac says that the carers who he watches every day going into our elderly neighbours house are his heroes, because they look after him and help him feel like someone cares for him as he is on his own.

Aston - 9yrs

My badge is inspired by Nana, she has looked after me during lockdown and she has made me safe and brightens me up. She works so hard and always has a massive smile on her face.

Bertie - 9yrs

My badge is inspired by nature in my garden with vines and little flowers around a heart which is nature giving our hearts a hug.

Florence - 9yrs

My teacher, Mr Harrison, is so much fun and slightly crazy and he’s kept us all going through lockdown with his jokes and positive attitude and energy, even if he doesn’t feel like it.

Julia - 9yrs

If this badge one I would give it to my grandparents who are wise old owls. I put owls on the design because of my wise grandparents. I really hope this
will win!!

E - 10yrs

My badge is inspired by my family because without them I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have got through this as well as I have.

Lucy - 10yrs

When my mum’s back was bad we have had to ask family members and neighbours to get food for us. I dedicate this badge to Granny and Grandpa and neighbours for being so kind and helpful.

Daria - 11yrs

My design was inspired by the NHS workers and how amazingly hard they have worked to help us. Now it is our turn to help them and say thanks.

Saffron - 10yrs

The badge inspired by my Head Mistress Sue Jepson. Representing her kind heart at the centre of our learning, surrounded by the children in the school she looks after, all 506 of them. My Head mistress contacted me during lock-down as she was the one who encouraged me to make my short-film about my daisy project that connected my neighbours together. Inspired by what I had done, she contacted all children, 506 at home and provided them with a template of a daisy and asked them to colour in the daisy to add words to the petals to describe what they are missing. Reassuring the children that the school are thinking about them all the time. She gives us all hope and help’s us celebrate what we have missed and what is important to us and even though we are at home, we are still one big family. She is my unsung hero as she has been at the heart of our entire home learning though the coronavirus pandemic. This can be said for other Head Teacher’s, Teacher’s, support staff and caretakers across all the schools in the UK.

Khadeejah - 11yrs

My design is inspired by the strong work force we have in the NHS who have helped us during this pandemic. We appreciate all you have done for us.