Joss Whedon


I’m writing to lend my ardent support to the PinYourThanks campaign. In the best of circumstances, the ability to contain and survive this shattering pandemic would not work without volunteer helpers, in every neighborhood, profession, supply chain… and this is not the best of circumstances by any measure. There are so many unsung heroes (and sung heroes who should never have been given the burden of heroism), and the opportunity for them to wear their stripes, as it were, is a gesture that will bring as much happy relief to the people awarding them as those wearing them. It’s the best kind of way to raise much needed funds.

 There are countless people at dire risk who lives have been saved by the work of various volunteers. There are many many more who have weathered this crisis without anything worse than cabin fever – because of the volunteers and workers who helped contain the spread where it was most prevalent, but also who continued to make deliveries, take away trash, work in food service, and pharmacies… as neighbors and citizens we do what we can, but those who go the extra mile, who actively put themselves at risk because somebody has to – they should be recognised, even if only to each other, and know that the appreciation for their good work has raised money to take that work even farther. 

The PinYourThanks campaign is common sense, and uncommonly inspired. I’m happy to lend what support I can, now and in the future. Thank you.


Joss Whedon