Dame Harriet Walter DBE



In a very short time the Covid 19 pandemic bombed our lives. In an equally short time thousands of volunteers around the world rushed into offer help, despite any risks or disruption to their time.


Their actions not only provide practical help, they also give us hope. They remind us that we are all capable of spontaneous altruism. We hear a lot about human greed and cruelty we say “well that’s human nature”. But in times of crisis we see for ourselves that kindness, courage, imaginative empathy and practicality are human nature too.


“Thank you” doesn’t feel like enough. A badge gives a lasting and visible “thank you”. Volunteers don’t want to blow their own trumpets. They are not in it for that. But we want to blow their trumpets for them and pinning a badge on them is a great way to do that. It will be a discreet but universally recognisable sign of our thanks and when we see them we will be reminded of the hopeful example volunteers have given.


Great than the money from badge sales will go to pandemic-causes and research. We will face more of these in future but with more research and funs we can be better prepared and fewer lives will be lost.


Harriet Walter DBE