Corporate Purchases

Benefit your business or brand by giving thanks to your employees or local organisations.

#PinYourThanks enables the Great British Public (and now businesses and brands) to offer a lasting, heartfelt and personal thank you to their pandemic ‘heroes’ by giving beautiful pin badges designed by celebrities and public figures, all whilst raising money for good causes.

Each pin design can be sent with a personalised message of gratitude and all profits from purchases go to Volunteering Matters and NHS Charities Together. 

From employees to community volunteers and neighbours to key workers who have gone the extra mile; we have all witnessed or experienced countless examples of outstanding care, support and service where it was needed the most.

This is a unique opportunity for businesses and brands to say ‘thank you’.

How to get involved

Here are a few suggestions on how your organisation could support:

  1. Distribute Pin Your Thanks pins throughout your business or organisation. 
    Show employees who continued to work tirelessly throughout the pandemic to support your business during this unprecedented time, that they are valued, by giving #PinYourThanks pins within your organisation, each can be given with a personal message of thanks.

  2. Gift pins to your organisation’s local heroes.
    Show appreciation to those in communities your business operates who have gone above and beyond to keep their community going and offer support to the vulnerable. You could distribute the pins to a local community or volunteering group, to an NHS trust or perhaps to a group of local care homes.

  3. Contact us to discuss bespoke ideas.
    Perhaps supporting a local intensive care unit to fund a bespoke Pin Your Thanks badge, a mix of any of the other options or any unique ideas of your own.  Our team of volunteers are on hand to help facilitate your contribution.

  4. Just make a simple, easy donation via our donorbox.

If you would like any further information or would like to place a volume order, please contact