About #PinYourThanks

#PinYourThanks was born out of an idea after experience in volunteering at a South London COVID support group, saw the need to give numerous people a way of saying thank you to volunteers who had gone beyond the call of duty in helping others.

The idea grew into a nationwide initiative when we realised everyone in the UK should have the opportunity to say a personal, heartfelt and lasting thank you to all the volunteers, carers, NHS workers, key workers, teachers, sons/daughters, aunties/uncles, friends, neighbours and others across the country who have been selflessly supportive during the pandemic.

#PinYourThanks is exactly that. An opportunity to say thanks to remarkable individuals, and to mark that appreciation with a stunning pin badge designed by artists, celebrities and general all-round ‘good eggs’. Each hero will receive a heartfelt token of appreciation – 'The People’s Medal' as we like to call it – while charities will receive much-needed funds. Those of us pinning our thanks get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

#PinYourThanks will also hold charity auctions and other initiatives to help raise money for charity.

Who is behind Pin Your Thanks

A group of volunteers who simply want to give the Great British public the opportunity to say thank you to all the unsung heroes, so if we are not quite as polished as a large corporate organisation that’s why. Please forgive us, and be nice!

You can check out lots of info, facts and questions in our FAQs

What We Aim To Do

Enable as many heartfelt and richly deserved thank yous as possible;

Raise as much money as possible for good causes;

Champion volunteering, helping/supporting each other, while raising awareness that build relationships, communities and increase mental health wellness. 

Our Charities

NHS Charities Together

The NHS Charities National Covid-19 Urgent Appeal was launched to acknowledge and support NHS staff, volunteers and patients impacted by Covid-19 across the country. The campaign was put together in liaison with national health service bodies, NHS Charities Together member charities and board.

The money raised is funding grants to help NHS charities support NHS staff, volunteers and patients in ways above and beyond what NHS funding can ordinarily provide, including wellbeing packs, rest and recuperation rooms, electronic tablets for isolated patients to communicate to loved ones. The funds will also resource vital care partnerships and longer term mental health recovery of staff and families.

“We are immensely grateful to have the support from #PinYourThanks in raising money for NHS Charities Together and helping the public give unsung heroes a long-lasting thank you. Donations from the organisation will be used by NHS charities to support staff volunteers and patients impacted by COVID-19." 

Ellie Orton, Chief Executive of NHS Charities Together

Volunteering Matters

Before the coronavirus epidemic, Volunteering Matters ran over 100 volunteering programmes, partnering with local communities to overcome adversity, tackle social isolation and loneliness, improve health, develop skills and opportunity and make sure young people can lead change.

Volunteering Matters is now supporting the Covid-19 response efforts in communities throughout the UK.


“We are delighted to support the Pin Your Thanks initiative. People volunteering their time to help each other in communities throughout the UK has saved countless lives in the most difficult of circumstances. We have a lot to be thankful for to the huge numbers of people volunteering to keep us all safe and well, and #PinYourThanks is such a simple, visible and effective way we can all pass on our gratitude to the individuals who have made our lives that much easier in difficult times.” 

Paul​ Reddish, Chief Executive of Volunteering Matters  

To be able to say a personal thank you to those incredibly courageous souls will be increasingly important.

Emma Thompson

It's me, the bloke from You've Been Framed adding my support to the brilliant #PinYourThanks campaign.

Harry Hill

The #PinYourThanks campaign is common sense and commonly inspired. 

Joss Whedon