Messages of Thanks

Feast your eyes, mind and soul on some of the heartfelt messages of thanks being given to our pandemic heroes through #PinYourThanks.

Hello Moose, I just wanted to say thank you for being my hero. You came in and helped me nurse my dying husband, your son-in-law, when the hospice team could no longer visit in person. You supported David and I both physically and mentally and you were there with me when he died. You then stayed with me, sleeping on the sofa bed, which gave you a sore back and hip as you wanted me to keep my bed. He loved you very much as I do. As David once said to you, 'How can I ever thank you enough?'

- Thanks from Caitlin

Hi Mel, Not all heroes wear capes! I just wanted to award you ‘ The People’s Medal’ badge to say thank you for creating the Lounge - 1992 - 1997 Group. This Group and the way you manage it is a safe place that’s helped David and I and so many others during these crazy, frightening times. It has provided a much needed escape and in escaping we’ve connected and reconnected with people and music. So thank you it’s gonna be some reunion party 🥳💃🏼🕺🏼 For me music has and always will be the answer. Much love Angela (and David) Kelly . Take care xxx ps this badge was designed by Ringo Starr 💜

- Thanks from Barr

Thank you so much for continually keeping us all going in these tough times. Since March 2020 till this present day you have tirelessly, unconditionally and without any gain, even having contracted COVID yourself, Les, you only took one week off from delivering your lockdown disco to Hartlepool and the world. So proud to call you my brother Les, and my sister in law diva Jackie. You have brought laughter, tears and emotion but most of all you have brought love and reunited people who otherwise would never have got back in touch with you each other. On behalf of Hartlepool, London and the world. We thank you, we thank, we thank you, your gold badges are very well deserved, wear them with pride. All our love always xxxxx

- Thanks from Bev & Andy

Dearest Cecil Court Staff,Thank you for what you have achieved during this tremendously difficult time. You have advocated for your residents and staff, when bureaucracy has gotten in the way. And you have have kept going through it all to ensure that everyone is protected and well-looked after. I particularly want to give thanks to Marcella, who has an incredible bond with my grandmother, and who I have no doubt, helped get Sonia get through the very worst when her condition recently deteriorated. I appreciate that she (and everyone else) has been there on her 96th birthday and beyond when we could not. It is frustrating and upsetting, being so close to you all, but still so far. The spontaneous Facetime calls are incredibly appreciated! There really are not enough thanks. Please know that we often take a walk past your windows and are blowing kisses and love in your direction. x

- Thanks from Rosie

During this pandemic it’s hard to know the best way to express your gratitude to the people who have really pulled through for us. When I first saw #PinYourThanks I thought it was the perfect token of appreciation for my super hardworking, resilient and caring partner.Working for the NHS is unimaginably tough and demanding right now, little gestures like these make more difference than you’d think. I chose David James MBE’s pin because I really connected to the “I see you” message, it’s so important that we don’t let key workers feel missed; we see everything you are doing for us and we are eternally grateful.

- Thanks from Emma

You know how much I admire you but during the pandemic you have been an unmeasurable treasure (even more than normal) Thank you for reading all the government guidance; for keeping me up to date from the CNLF facebook; for working throughout ; for being flexible and changing plans every hour ;for always smiling and being cheerful. I couldn't have done it without you! Wear your pin with pride at work!

- Thanks from Lynne

You are two very special people who are very much in love with each other, and you clearly adore your son Sean. Somehow you find so much time for others. During the lockdown you brought lots of friends together for bingo, quizzes, and virtual horse racing, ensuring that no-one felt left alone. Even before coronavirus you have both contributed so much to the community that we live in by putting on darts competitions and extending your love to others. As soon as we heard about 'Pin Your Thanks' we naturally thought of you. So on behalf of all the people who you have affected so positively over the years, but in particular during lockdown, we thank you and send you our love, xx

- Thanks from Graham & Lesley

You have been brilliant to work in a bubble with and you have just been so easy to get along with. It could have been awful! But it was great, you put me at ease straight away and I learnt a lot from your calm, clear approach. Thank you for all of the listening that you have done and for giving me advice, you are very wise and make suggestions without saying what to do. Make sure that you have the best summer. Relax and school work can wait until the end of the holidays, have fun and keep in touch! This tree reminds me of our topic work, we survived! (just!) Find your own version of Neverbelieve over the summer, wherever that may be!

- Thanks from Gemma

A huge thank you to all my teaching colleagues across the UK for continuing to be in school to care for vulnerable children and critical workers’ children, enabling thousands of front-line employees to go to work, for adapting in just days to teach completely online, for organising food vouchers, parcels and delivering food, for keeping in touch with your pupils and parents to reassure and support them through this tricky time and now, for planning for the safest return to school for so many young children, who will need the reassurance and love you are so good at delivering. For headteachers especially, thank you for persevering - thank you!

- Thanks from Becky

Our world is on a knifes edge. The NHS, the normal hardworking backbone of our nation has brought us back from the depths of uncertainty for now. Long May the national health service rein, long May the everyday hardworking people set an example to them, that have lost touch with today’s society and forgotten how to listen. Thank you for laying out the foundations, which enable us to learn, adapt and grow.

- Thanks from JR

Southampton G4 have been a amazing team, also to evelina childrens hospital along with our amazing super human donor for giving my daughter life back! NHS you are outstanding. Thankyou!

- Thanks from Team Cracknell

Thank you to all those who supported families, friends and loved ones. Thank you for being selfless. Thank you for caring. Thank you for small kindnesses. Thank you for smiling. Thank you for asking if I was ok. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the wide expanse of your generous hearts.

- Thanks from Helen

A big massive Thank You to you Charly along with all the incredible Covid ward teams who worked long & stressful shifts and put yourselves at risk while doing your jobs but kept going to nurse patients and save lives. Much love & eternal gratitude!

- Thanks from Rebecca

Please accept this token of our appreciation for all your hard work and efforts in being a Grandmentor. Your support and dedication make a huge difference to the lives of the young people in the programme. We especially want to thank-you for your flexibility and creativity in trying to find ways to continue to support your mentees during the COVID crisis – we know this has been a challenging time for everyone and appreciate you going the extra mile to be there for your young person. With thanks and appreciation from the Grandmentors Team

- Thanks from Grandmentors Team

Dear Ms Jepson, I wanted to thank you for all the kindness and care that you have shown to all the children at Barnes Primary School. Lockdown has mean’t so many things to all of us and we individually have experienced different things. I have learn’t that we all have so much to give each other and that is what keeps us going. Love Saffron X

- Thanks from Saffron

Thank you for being so amazing during the pandemic; for working right through ; for coping with the earlier starts; for changing plans sometimes every hour; for never complaining and always smiling! I couldn't have got through it without you! Wear your pin with pride at work!

- Thanks from Lynne

Thank you, you are the best clarinet teacher in the world. You help me learn new things and you are so kind. You laugh when things go wrong with Zoom (when it freezes!) instead of getting stressed and we laugh and together. You make me smile and I love playing clarinet and that is down to you. You are as musical as a singing bird and are a brilliant teacher. Have an awesome summer. Love Lily

- Thanks from Lily Rose Steel

Dear Elizabeth, without your willing help, this year would have been a nightmare for us. Nothing has been too much trouble for you and you never made us feel a nuisance. Often in our shopping there were little tasty gifts. Your smiling face and chats made us feel less lonely too. Thank you so much. Lots of love Robin and Carole xxx

- Thanks from Robin & Carole

Thank you for making lockdown such a fun time for us all, for being amazing with your school work, for raising lots of money to help others and generally being fantastic. We really do have the best son in the world, we are very proud of you and we love you very much xxx

- Thanks from Mum & Dad

Dear Aga, I just wanted to say thank you for all what you do. You worked so hard during these difficult times and supported the residents and all employees despite your personal circumstances. Thank you! X

- Thanks from Jelena

Dear Gina, thank you for everything you do and for leading the association throughout these difficult times. You are an inspirational leader who stood alongside the key workers despite your family circumstances. Working days and nights you cared for our service users and all staff members ensuring their safety. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! XXX

- Thanks from Jelena

So young and so brave to work through such a scary, worrying and stressful pandemic. We are so proud of you Molly for carrying on working and caring so lovingly for your patients who need you so much and putting your own fear to one side and thinking of others that need your care. Love you so so much my precious daughter and could not be prouder of you X

- Thanks from Mummy & George

I saw this and it reminded me of the Thursday evenings, which I loved (although once got the family hanging out the window, ready to make some noise a day early!) Alas, I never took a photo, but hopefully it will remind you how you are OUR Nhs Hero. You went into work and into places, you know that other's wouldn't x It's not the medal you deserve (nor the pay rise) but it's to say we appreciate everything that you did and do xxxx

- Thanks from Neighbours at Number 11

Dear Sam, I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work during these difficult times. You have successfully led the home despite all the problems with the virus outbreak and staffing issues often forgetting about yourself. Thank you! X

- Thanks from Jelena

Thank you so much Juhee for all the support you have given, especially through this lockdown period. You are an absolutely amazing friend and have never hesitated in helping us, picking up medication, topping up our food supplies and putting a smile on our faces. We are so grateful and love you dearly xx

- Thanks from Amita

Dear Gary, thank you for all your hard work. As always, you worked so hard in these difficult times despite the risks and problems across the services. You undertook additional tasks and was there to support our residents, service users and staff teams. I am privileged to work with you. Thank you! X

- Thanks from Jelena

Dear Di, thank you for being so helpful, thoughtful and caring. During the difficult times of the outbreak, you worked hard and supported so many people in such difficult times. Thank you! X

- Thanks from Jelena

To our wonderful neighbour Mark! Thank you so much for all you have done for us during this difficult time while we have been in lockdown due to Covid-19. We really appreciate your going the extra mile. Food, paper . . . and crusty bread treats!!  Love Rae & Pete xx

- Thanks from Rae & Pete

Thank you so much to my friend Nathan who sent me a gin gift set in the post. It was much appreciated and kept me going whilst being run off my feet preparing home learning for my school classes.

- Thanks from Claire

Hey Zade and Gareth, thanks so much for letting us use your amazing space as a food donation bank through the pandemic, you  helped us collect food for a ton of people in need

- Thanks from Kate

Thanks for all the songs , videos and music related wonderfulness you provided for OCSG over lockdown. It really made a difference to sing the songs we usually sing , with four Pennys to help, and if I closed my eyes , I could hear the others joining in. What a star you are. 💚🎶

- Thanks from Christine

I want to thank my wonderfully kind neighbours (who until Covid I didn't really know) for bringing me fresh food and prescriptions when I was ill early in lockdown. Fresh strawberries actually made me cry!

- Thanks from Kate

I would like to personally thank everyone who helped maintain services and cared for others in need during difficult times. Communities really came together and we witnessed so much kindness, every small or big gesture deserves a Thank You!

- Thanks from Becky

Thank you for trying your best during the last few months to get the school work done, I know it hasn't been easy. I will always remember your lockdown bike rides/sunset photos.

- Thanks from Mum

Thank you for being the most amazing mumma there is! You always show me love and give me the bestest, funnest times! You are my lockdown hero. I love you xxx

- Thanks from Freddie

My lovely daughter, who although shielding for health reasons, has been delivering food to us and an elderly friend of mine nearby, every week. Always with a smile

- Thanks from Ann

Saw these pins and loved them, so just wanted to say Cheers Bab for all the amazing things you have done during lockdown. You are an awesome keyworker.

- Thanks from Anne

Thank you for being amazing and looking after me and giving me so much fun!

- Thanks from Freddie

Special Edition Badge for an extra special lady who has gone over and above for us during the Covid Crisis. Thankyou Valerie , Lots of Love from all at Bingley URC

- Thanks from Bingley URC

Lauren Anna Marie Carter - Thank you for cheering me up and sending flowers when I was having a bad day. Such a small gesture made a huge difference.

- Thanks from Kelli

Thank you so much Laura for being a key worker and making sure our NHS heroes get all the PPE they need.

- Thanks from Gemma

Thank you so very much for being so caring!

- Thanks from Anonymous

Thank you Ria for all you have done with the NHS - you're a star! 

- Thanks from Hollie

Thanks mum, my little key worker!

- Thanks from Ellie