Messages of Thanks

Feast your eyes, mind and soul on some of the heartfelt messages of thanks being given to our pandemic heroes through #PinYourThanks.

During this pandemic it’s hard to know the best way to express your gratitude to the people who have really pulled through for us. When I first saw #PinYourThanks I thought it was the perfect token of appreciation for my super hardworking, resilient and caring partner.Working for the NHS is unimaginably tough and demanding right now, little gestures like these make more difference than you’d think. I chose David James MBE’s pin because I really connected to the “I see you” message, it’s so important that we don’t let key workers feel missed; we see everything you are doing for us and we are eternally grateful.

- Thanks from Emma

Hello Moose, I just wanted to say thank you for being my hero. You came in and helped me nurse my dying husband, your son-in-law, when the hospice team could no longer visit in person. You supported David and I both physically and mentally and you were there with me when he died. You then stayed with me, sleeping on the sofa bed, which gave you a sore back and hip as you wanted me to keep my bed. He loved you very much as I do. As David once said to you, 'How can I ever thank you enough?'

- Thanks from Caitlin

Thank you so much Juhee for all the support you have given, especially through this lockdown period. You are an absolutely amazing friend and have never hesitated in helping us, picking up medication, topping up our food supplies and putting a smile on our faces. We are so grateful and love you dearly xx

- Thanks from Amita

I would like to personally thank everyone who helped maintain services and cared for others in need during difficult times. Communities really came together and we witnessed so much kindness, every small or big gesture deserves a Thank You!

- Thanks from Becky

A big massive Thank You to you Charly along with all the incredible Covid ward teams who worked long & stressful shifts and put yourselves at risk while doing your jobs but kept going to nurse patients and save lives. Much love & eternal gratitude!

- Thanks from Rebecca

I want to thank my wonderfully kind neighbours (who until Covid I didn't really know) for bringing me fresh food and prescriptions when I was ill early in lockdown. Fresh strawberries actually made me cry!

- Thanks from Kate

Hey Zade and Gareth, thanks so much for letting us use your amazing space as a food donation bank through the pandemic, you  helped us collect food for a ton of people in need

- Thanks from Kate

A huge thank you to all my teaching colleagues across the UK for continuing to be in school to care for vulnerable children and critical workers’ children, enabling thousands of front-line employees to go to work, for adapting in just days to teach completely online, for organising food vouchers, parcels and delivering food, for keeping in touch with your pupils and parents to reassure and support them through this tricky time and now, for planning for the safest return to school for so many young children, who will need the reassurance and love you are so good at delivering. For headteachers especially, thank you for persevering - thank you!

- Thanks from Becky

Thank you Ria for all you have done with the NHS - you're a star! 

- Thanks from Hollie

Thanks mum, my little key worker!

- Thanks from Ellie

Thank you so much to my friend Nathan who sent me a gin gift set in the post. It was much appreciated and kept me going whilst being run off my feet preparing home learning for my school classes.

- Thanks from Claire

Dearest Cecil Court Staff,Thank you for what you have achieved during this tremendously difficult time. You have advocated for your residents and staff, when bureaucracy has gotten in the way. And you have have kept going through it all to ensure that everyone is protected and well-looked after. I particularly want to give thanks to Marcella, who has an incredible bond with my grandmother, and who I have no doubt, helped get Sonia get through the very worst when her condition recently deteriorated. I appreciate that she (and everyone else) has been there on her 96th birthday and beyond when we could not. It is frustrating and upsetting, being so close to you all, but still so far. The spontaneous Facetime calls are incredibly appreciated! There really are not enough thanks. Please know that we often take a walk past your windows and are blowing kisses and love in your direction. x

- Thanks from Rosie

Lauren Anna Marie Carter - Thank you for cheering me up and sending flowers when I was having a bad day. Such a small gesture made a huge difference.

- Thanks from Kelli

Thank you so much Laura for being a key worker and making sure our NHS heroes get all the PPE they need.

- Thanks from Gemma

My lovely daughter, who although shielding for health reasons, has been delivering food to us and an elderly friend of mine nearby, every week. Always with a smile

- Thanks from Ann