Saffron Cockerton-Rai - Aged 10

The badge inspired by my Head Mistress Sue Jepson. Representing her kind heart at the centre of our learning, surrounded by the children in the school she looks after, all 506 of them. My Head mistress contacted me during lock-down as she was the one who encouraged me to make my short-film about my daisy project that connected my neighbours together. Inspired by what I had done, she contacted all children, 506 at home and provided them with a template of a daisy and asked them to colour in the daisy to add words to the petals to describe what they are missing. Reassuring the children that the school are thinking about them all the time. She gives us all hope and help’s us celebrate what we have missed and what is important to us and even though we are at home, we are still one big family. She is my unsung hero as she has been at the heart of our entire home learning though the coronavirus pandemic. This can be said for other Head Teacher’s, Teacher’s, support staff and caretakers across all the schools in the United Kingdom.