Raphael Cockerton-Rai - Aged 9

The badge I have designed is inspired by the love represented in the heart shaped daisy chain, created by my big Sister Saffron. She connected all our neighbours together during lockdown. Opposite lived the elderly lady Elizabeth, who would come outside to her door by herself on a Thursday evening clap for the NHS. Saffron felt an emotional connection seeing this and would question how she must be feeling on her own. There are, 67 household on our avenue, through her imagination and kind heart, Saffron drew, cut-out and hand-paint 67 daises, posting them to each household with a card asking them to put them in their window to signify they are ok and connecting everyone together. Very quickly tens and tens of daises appeared at windows. Her kindness came back in ten-folds, including letters from elderly neighbours, MP’s, cakes left on the doorstep and cards. She 100% deserves a badge for showing empathy in bucket-loads and using this to help connect her wider community, especially elderly and people who live on their own. Saffron is so special, she is not only my unsung hero, personally to me, she is my super hero too.